Stewart L. McCready

Code Monkey


Game programmer and code monkey, living in Cambridge, UK. Currently working at Frontier Developments.

In my spare time I like to go walking, as the UK boasts some amazing cycling and climbing routes.

I also enjoy going to game jams, trying to make interesting new games work, my main focus being the coding problems behind these games.


  • Honorary Fellows Prize

    Most innovative final year project

  • Alexander D G Kydd Prize

    Best in course 2nd year.

  • Jamchester 2016

    Best Student Team

  • David Potter Memorial Prize

    Best in course, 1st Year.


  • Full Programmer

    Frontier Developments, 2020 - Present

  • Graduate Programmer

    Frontier Developments, 2019 - 2020

  • Bsc(hons) Computer Games Technology

    Abertay University, 2014 - 2019

  • Support Software Developer Intern

    Unity Technologies, 2017 - 2018




Made in conjunction with the V&A Dundee to promote Scottish design

A Lost Robot

Made for Moray Game Jam 2017 in 48 hrs following the Theme ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’

Vr Psychology Research

Psychology research using virtual reality to explore camouflage and colouration

Trophies Please!

Made in 40 hours for Jamchester 2016, following the theme ‘You have already won’

PSVita - Broken Pieces

Shape building puzzle game using PSVita AR markers using C++

Procedural Generation

Voxel based procedural terrain generation using C++ and DirectX 11

OpenGL - Graphics

3D scene created using C++, Win32 API, and OpenGL


Made with Unreal Engine 4, Escape is a 3D point and click puzzle escape room

Burn It With Fire!!

Made for the GBA, Burn It With Fire!! is a survival platformer

Recent Posts

Plotting graphs with Plotly for R

Recently been using Plotly for R to generate graphs and plots for my dissertation. Its really powerful, open source, and has a nice extension for Visual Studio Code - R Tools.

DocFx & Unity with GitLab CI/CD

I recently set up one of my Unity projects to use DocFx this was an interesting endeavour, getting DocFx to work offline was relatively easy with a few modifications to the normal templates. Getting it running on GitLab CI/CD was somewhat trickier.

VsCode & Vs 2017 Extensions

An ever changing list of Extensions I find useful for VsCode and Visual Studio 2017. This is for a variety of languages though mainly for work flow improvements and fixes.